Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Caladium spp.

Family: Araceae
Malay Name: Keladi
Other Names: Mother-in-law plant, elephant’s ear, Angle-wings, Fancy-leaved Caladium, Candidum, Exposition, Pink cloud, Seagull, stoplight, Texas wonder, Caladium X hortulanum cv.caladium.

These types of herbal plants have rhizomes. Daunya heart-shaped and has a green color and patterned red, white or other colors.


Ornamental plant site


Toxic Part: Entire plant

Active ingredients: Calcium oxalate
Effects of Poisoning

Calcium oxalate is a sense of irritation with the glow and fire effects on the tongue, mouth and throat. Breathing difficulty occurs when swelling occurs at the pharyngeal tract. spasms in the abdomen and delirium. Other toxicity was reported numbness, nausea and vomiting.

Emergency Treatment

Clean the remaining plants from the body. Clean with soap and water if exposed to the skin. Gargle and drink water or milk if ingested as it can dissolve toxins in these plants. Sucking ice cubes to reduce pain in the mouth. Get medical attention immediately.


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